What Makes Us Different

Good Question. Here is what makes WeedMart different than every other cannabis tech company out there.


Built For Stoners By Stoners.

After years of helping cannabis companies grow, we realized that there were a few obvious issues that could be solved by the right combo of brains, problem solving and technology. 

We knew how to help dispensaries grow, but still felt like were stuck in the dark ages compared to similar products like CBD or hemp due to bank regulatory issues. 

We found a solution to the online payment issues solving both commerce & banking enabling dispensaries to operate like traditional business’s.

Credit Cart Processing

Cannabis friendly credit card processing is now a reality. Our processing partners have seen merchant account approval in as soon as 3 days. Please read our signup steps.

Innovative Technology

Beyond the payment processing, we offer our members an easy to use website builder with a dispensary e-com theme, inventory tracking, delivery options and mych more.

Advanced analytics reporting for sales management.

Since you can now track online payments, you can have accurate payment tracking. Your medical and recreational customers can now pay for their cannabis with a credit card instead of paying with cash. This allows an extra layer of security for your business. Manage your dispensary on one platform and skip the pain of updating your inventory across multiple sites.


Live Chat with Agent

Our live chat works on our site and will work on yours as well.

Quick Online Support

Our team is here to help you if you have any questions or issues.

With years of ecommerce experience, we knew what we were looking for when it came to online tracking and reporting for our clients.

You can finally see all of your sales, inventory, deliveries and transportation in one dashboard. This will also allow you to get accurate analytics reporting to see where your traffic is coming from and adjust your marketing budgets accordingly. 

Fast, Secure & Cannabis Friendly Hosting

Webhosting is a must for any website. Many of the popular “this is easy” website building platforms are highly restrictive about what they allow on their servers. By hosting with us you never have to worry about getting your site shut down unexpectedly for going against their Terms of Service.  Our hosting is fast, secure and cannabis friendly. 


We handle the SSL’s and the backend security to keep your site safe. 

Plant Friendly

Safe for cannabis, hemp, CBD, seeds, smoke shops and much more.

Minimal Necessary POS

You can still accept cash from your customers, but imagine increasing your Average Order Value (AOV) just by offering the ability to accept cards.  Unlike pin debit that doesn’t work 40% of the time, WeedMart allows your customers real payment options.  Our onmipresent payment platform allows for any number of registers, scanners and bar codes that track your inventory in real time.  No need to worry about overselling, or constantly updating your inventory on multiple marketplaces. 

Low Cost Tech

All you need is what you see in the pic. You can add on extras, but really all you need is WeedMart, a scanner, a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

Live Chat Options

Our team will jump in and help you get set up. When you sign up with WeedMart, we walk you through the whole process step by step.

Amazing POS Upgrades

From self order kiosks that you can place in your dispensary for easier checkout to table top menus designed for consumptions lounges, we have a wide range of options that will help streamline your business.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you. 

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Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.