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Already processing? This is how we can help

If you are already using our processing partner, we applaud you for being ahead of the curve. We have built a custom API connect with the processor that has stepped up the game 1000% to allow you to connect your shop with WooCommerce and finally operate like every other ecommerce store. 

Odds are you are still paying at least one or more 3rd party platforms to host your menu online instead of keeping your store internal. 

There are plenty of issues with this, but the most obvious one is that the IFrame menu that you have on your store actually hurts your SEO.  Depending on the plan that you are paying for, you may or may not have a gigantic banner advertising their platform on your website.

Essentially, your site now advertises another company and/or marketplace… for a menu that still doesn’t allow you to collect payments online.

One Plug To Rule Them All

If you already have a website built on WordPress, our custom plugin connects with WooCommerce.  This allows you to put your inventory on your site, sell on your site and collect payments on your site.  

There is no more need for a 3rd party menu since your store is now your menu. 

This allows for proper SEO and product descriptions on your site. 

This allows for better branding, loyalty & rewards programs and finally being able to fully track conversions. 

Being able to track purchases online will give you a better understanding of your customers.  You can now see what products sell better, which promotions work and which one don’t, and take full advantage of analytics tracking to see which (if any) of your 3rd party advertising platforms produce results for your business. 

Depending on your state, you can offer delivery as well. 

Cut Down the Steps

Streamline the back and forth email chain (and all the issues that can happen with that) and offer a working cart. 

Your customers can now:

  • Pick their products and quantity
  • Pay on their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop – or at any compatible tablet, POS or touchscreen
  • Collect their product and walk out with a printed receipt or email receipt. 

WeedMart can operate on any POS or compatible equipment. This means you can put it on a tablet, touchscreen device, have your customers scan a QR code and shop online (while in the store waiting area or before they get to the store) and even a really awesome POS kiosk (think self checkout) machine. 

FAQ's about integration

This process is pretty painless.  With the right level of access, we can ideally have your store up and running in a few days.  We do want to test on a staging/ dev site to make sure there are no plugin conflicts. 

The plugin only works with WordPress and WooCommerce. We have a theme that you can use to migrate your old site content over to. This will not work with WIX, Squarespace or any other platform.  

Not Difficult at all. This works just like an store checkout when used in stores. 

Our inventory system works the same as most of your 3rd party menus, except this will track the actual inventory that you upload to your shop. 

You can add new products daily and input the amount of product you have using a number of different values.  From ounce to pounds for flower all the way to individual products for edibles and carts, we have you covered. 

Store owners will have a much more robust dashboard than the budtenders and store managers. As the owner you can choose how much access you give your team. 

The Short answer is No.
But it is important to understand why.

Real-time updates with seed to sale tracking systems have been proposed by many different cannabis companies as a way to provide customers with accurate information about the products they are purchasing. While these systems may seem like a good idea in theory, they could actually end up being a bad idea in practice.

One of the biggest issues with real-time updates with seed to sale tracking systems is the potential for security risks. If a company is tracking the sale and movement of cannabis products in real-time, it means that the data is constantly being accessed and updated. This could leave the system vulnerable to hackers, who could use the data to access and manipulate the system or steal customer information.

Furthermore, these systems have the potential to be very expensive to operate, due to the cost of maintaining and updating the software which only drives up consumer cost (YOU).

Another issue with real-time updates with seed to sale tracking systems is the potential for inaccurate data. If a company is tracking the sale and movement of cannabis products in real-time, any mistakes or inaccuracies, or API communication outages (which happen frequently across all S2S vendors we evaluated) when sending the data means the data could never arrive to the S2S Tracking System due to an outage on their end leaving you processing transactions and becoming out of compliance. Which can be costly, For example:

In California a first offence infraction caused by being out of compliance is a 7 day suspension of your license with a fine equal to 50% of your average daily revenue multiplied by the number of days your license is suspended. This means if your dispensary makes 10k/day on average and due to a API communication outage with the S2S tracking Server when you get audited by your states regulators for a discrepancy in your data. You will be fined 35k and have to close your business for a week. Eeeeek.

We cannot in good conscience promote and integrate at this time Real Time S2S sync due to the instability or frequency of updates that cause you the customer to become vulnerable to fines in the event that 3rd party S2S system were to have an outage or publish updates without communication with it’s ISVs.

Therefore we feel the only way to protect you the customer, and give you a cost affordable solution is to provide you with the ability to export your data from the system and import the file each night when conducting your end of day operations. While this is an additional step it is the only surefire way to ensure that your transactions are 100% accurate when uploading to the system, while also enabling you to correct any POS or transaction issues before uploading the data so you don’t have to compare reporting or make adjustments in the S2S systems which can trigger an audit.

Overall, real-time updates with seed to sale tracking systems may seem like a good idea in theory, but in practice they could end up being a very bad & costly idea in execution. The potential for security risks, inaccurate data, compliance concerns, and customer confusion and frustration could end up being detrimental to a company’s success and here at WeedMart we want you to be successful. It is for these reasons, WeedMart sticks with traditional methods of tracking the sale and movement of cannabis products utilizing the companies CSV import feature to enable our customers to upload the sales & transactional data.

Payouts will land into your business checking account within 24-48 hours from when your batch is closed.

Every site we host will have full blown internal and hosting security.  If you choose to integrate WeedMart into a site that you operate, we will offer recommendations on the security but without it being hosted on our servers you are responsible for ensuring the security of your server environment.

Also – don’t share your password.  That’s just basic web security. 

Yes. You can edit the theme or choose to use your own, but (just like the auto industry) once you start messing with the engine on a car, the factory warranty gets null and void.   

We are not responsible for breakages once you start doing your own customization and add-ons beyond what we provide. 

Yes.  WooCommerce and WordPress update regularly. Our team of developers stay up to date with the latest rollouts of new versions of both Woo and WP. There may be a little lag time if there are major updates, and we will keep you informed of any issues with the updates.