We Have The Connections You Need To Succeed

Outside of offering what we feel to be the best ecommerce solution for cannabis businesses, we also have a fantastic checklist of trusted partners that we recommend.  

After years of working in this industry, we have realized that there are still plenty of canna businesses that are lacking in some department. We’ve met dispensary owners that have been open for years and never had a business bank account.. just as an example. 

Below are some of the referral sources that we provide to our WeedMart members. 


We work with a number of banks that operate in cannabis, hemp, CBD and other gray areas that most big banks won't touch.


We are always happy to refer our members to some of our trusted lenders that specialize in finding funding for cannabiz.


Need help with your digital marketing? We have everything from web designers, social media experts and SEO's that we love.


Looking to get more eyes on your business or just share some great news? Our press partners can publish locally and nationally.


We have a network of talented social media influencers who would be more than happy to review your products and make content for you.


We will be offering an ongoing support group for our members that will go over best practices and other tech issues.

Legal Help

Finding a cannabis lawyer can be difficult. We have connections all over the country with cannabis legal teams.

Books & Accounting

280-E can be overwhelming. Need a cannabis bookkeeper, accountant, CPA or CFO? We can help connect you.


We have connections with some great cannabis specific payroll companies that can make your life and payroll easier.