A True Cannabis E-Commerce Platform

Custom Ecommerce Solutions for Dispensaries

Take your online and in store shopping experience to the next level using our suite of custom WordPress plugins, compliant payment options and tracking integrations. 

Put your website to work.

managed wordpress for cannabis companies

Built by Cannabis Professionals for the Cannabis Industry

We started with a simple idea. 

Let’s make something that makes a dispensary owners life easier while saving them money and getting them better search results online. After years of working in the industry there were glaring holes in the e-commerce options that were available. 

WeedMart solved a ton of issues that dispensary owners and other cannabis companies were dealing with.  We figured out how to combine your inventory tracking, POS and online sales into one platform that you control. 

We integrated a real payment solution on top of real e-commerce that drives traffic to your store online and turns your visitors into customers. 

Ditch Your Iframe Menus Today.

Built with love from feedback by cannabis business owners looking for a better solution.

Unlike most of the online menu options out there, WeedMart was built to be a better solution for cannabis business owners that cared about tracking their data and offering a better shopping experience.

This is not just a Point of Sale system. This is not text to pay.  This is not digital invoicing. This is not a 3rd party menu.

This is e-commerce for cannabis. 

Use WeedMart on your website and turn your menu into more that just a billboard.  We allow your customers to shop, order and pay online. 

cannabis payments

WordPress plugins for the Cannabis Industry

By coding our own custom plugins and natively integrating WooCommerce with our payment processing partner, along with Metrc and BioTrack, we allow dispensaries to put their entire product selection on their site. This allows for live sales, data tracking and inventory updates right from your website.

It is a solution to payments, e-commerce, local marketing, online sales, and much more.

WeedMart has everything you need to easily run your cannabis business, all in one place. We offer a user-friendly, integrated solution to help you start—or scale— selling cannabis quickly both in-store and online.

Cashless Payments for Dispensaries

Real Online Payments

With WeedMart’s integrated cannabis payment solution you can accept safe and secure compliant electronic payments in-store & online to create a more convenient and familiar in-store shopping experience.

POS Software for Dispensaries

Point of Sale

Shopping for cannabis should feel easy. Selling it should, too. Simple yet powerful, WeedMart POS offers a seamless retail experience for your budtenders and your customers.
cannabis ecommerce

Online Ordering for Dispensaries


Reach your customers online and capture sales through a fully automated, real-time ecommerce platform. Whether you’re looking for a quick hassle-free option or a fully customizable experience, we have a solution for you.


Process Payments securely & compliantly both in-store & online.

At WeedMart, we took our partners Digital Invoicing solution to new heights by transforming it into an all-encompassing in-store and online payment processing platform. Our team worked tirelessly to integrate smooth payment options for both physical and virtual transactions, redefining the customer experience. With this innovative solution in place, we’ve made the checkout process seamless and secure, providing our valued customers with unmatched convenience and flexibility.

managed wordpress for cannabis companies

Custom Solutions

Custom WordPress Plugins for Cannabis Debit and Credit Card Payments

Better solutions for smart cannabis business owners.  Our custom plugins allow you to manage all of your inventory and sales in one place.  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars a month in unnecessary churn from 3rd party platforms that only offer cash reservation or ACH payments. 
This helps increase your revenue while keeping your customers happy.

Track Your Data on ONE platform

Watch Your Dispensary Grow with Real Data from Google

Third Party Menu Platforms may try to pass off abstract art blobs as sales data, but like numbers that you can read and don’t need to interpret. 

By connected your site to WeedMart, you can track your websites visitors in real time.  This allows you to see what they are viewing, shopping around for and purchasing live on your site. 

There is no need to guess what’s going on when the data is all right there for you. 

Award Winning Product Design

Recognized by Cannabis Industry Experts as a much needed solution.

WeedMart was happy to accept the Honorable Mention award for Best New Product Design from the Cannabis Marketing Association in June 2023 at the Cannabis Marketing Summit in Denver, CO. 

The Perfect POS Sidekick

Works with Most POS platforms and Web Platforms

You don’t need to leave your current POS provider to use WeedMart.  We designed this to operate on it’s own, or as a sidekick to your current Point of Sale platform.  You don’t even need to buy a ton of expensive hardware or tech.  You just need a separate mobile device or tablet. 

Love your current web design and don’t want to change?  We have a solution to that too.  We can integrate with almost any WordPress theme.  

Wix and other builders need a little more customization, but we know how to make it work. 

Industry-leading support

Were a platform built for
cannabis businesses BY cannabis business owners. We want you to succeed and will be with you every step of the way.

Maximum flexibility

Our products are highly configurable and are capable of conforming to virtually any standard operating procedure. Fast Turnaround Times.

Integrated solutions

With your ecommerce, and payments solutions under one roof, say goodbye to painful integrations and long hours triple checking your books. 

Security and compliance

We’re committed to offering a  secure and compliant tech solution for cannabis regardless of the state you are in. We’re proud to be a partner you can trust. 


Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.


Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.